There are various varicose vein treatments available in the market. Varicose veins are most often found on the legs, face, arms and ankles. Standing and working all day are one of the chief reasons that spider veins develop. Spider veins are purple blotches that show up as a web of veins against the surface of the skin. Physicians can provide their clients with a number of treatment options.


Spider vein treatment options can be used to remove these veins for good. Lasers are one of the chief methods and are effective at removing the blemishes associated with spider veins. Injections can also be used to help remedy this issue. Vein doctor will inject one of several types of solution into the area around the veins. These solutions will cause the veins to collapse, and the discolorations will eventually go away. The treatment costs vary and largely depend on the number of areas that need to be treated. Geographical area also plays a role in the overall costs.


Varicose veins are similar spider veins but are normally larger in size. Varicose veins are darker in color and require their own forms of varicose vein treatment. Spider veins are usually easy to treat because they are close to the skin's surface.


Causes of Varicose or Spider Veins

Many people notice discolorations on their legs, face or arms. Upon close inspection, they can see the tiny veins that have worked to the surface of the skin. The colors of spider veins are usually blue or purple. People may have large or small areas of their skin that is affected by the branching spider veins.


A number of causes may be responsible for the development of spider veins. The sun is one of the main factors and can damage the skin. When this occurs, the veins will work their way to the surface. Hormonal changes can also be responsible for the appearance of these purplish discolorations. Veins have valves that prevent blood from flowing backwards. Sometimes, gravity will cause these to malfunction. When this happens, the veins will bulge to the surface as there is too much blood for them to hold. Know more about vein treatment in



Sitting or standing still for long periods of time is another of the chief causes of spider veins. Staying in the same spot causes the blood to pool. This is especially prominent in the legs and ankles. There are various varicose vein treatment can be highly effective at removing the discolorations from any area of the body.